The National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) represents 29 Rural Health Clubs (RHC) with over 9000 members located at universities throughout Australia. The NRHSN is a multidisciplinary Network.

NURHC Presentations

Keynote Presentations

The Health Landscape - Ms Maria Jolly, Assistant Secretary of the Medical Education and Training Branch of the Health Workforce Division
Rural Health Workforce - A northern perspective - Associate Professor Richard Murray
Endless opportunities in rural health worldwide - Professor Roger Strasser, Dean of the Northern Ontorio School of Medicine
Rural, remote and international humanitarian aid work - Ms Jane Connell, Registered nurse and midwife, Research Officer Lecturer, James Cook University
From Rural Health Club member to... - Dr Caitlin Keighley, Intern, Canberra Hospital
Roles of the rural paramedic  - Mr Peter Mulholland, Ambulance Educator, Tasmanian Ambulance Service
The Indigenous community perspective to health - Dr Mark Wenitong, Senior Medical Officer, Apunipma Cape York Health Council
Working in Indigenous health - Ms Maggie Grant, Registered Nurse and Senior Lecturer, James Cook University
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health - A podiatrists perspective - Dr James Charles, Podiatrist
Consumer centered care - Dr Peter Spitzer, Medical Director, co-founder and Inaugural Chairman, Humour Foundation

Panel Speakers

Health system reforms - What will the future look like - Mr Jim Birch, Chair, Rural Health Workforce Australia
Progressing the national health workforce reform agenda - Mr Peter Carver, Executive Director, National Health Workforce Taskforce
Rural and remote allied health - Mr Scott Wagner, President, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health


Student Presentations


An Experience with Better Birthing, Better Babies - Alicia Paul
Engaging Women in Prevention: Cervical Cancer Screening in Rural SA - Janice Ku
Compulsory Rural Pharmacy Placements - What do students really think? - Gemma Lay
Giving birth to healthy babies locally - Namiko Kobayashi
Discovering solutions for family abuse - Bridget Copson
Health Promotion: Are we doing enough? - Anna-Jane Gordon
Work beyond the consulting room for rural health professionals - Clare Mansfield

Club Activities

Rural Health Oganisation Collaboration: making those rural and remote placements happen - Sally Grainger
Rural Health Clubs giving more - Shannon Nott & Cristen Fleming
Rural High School Visits (RHSV): A simple how-to guide - Amanda Francis & Lana Prout
Raising funds and awareness - The how-to guide - Warwick Isaacson
The benefits of health interclub relationships at Universities - Frayne Gomez
Vibe Alive Festival - Rural Health Club involvement - Nicola Rodd & John Clark

Personal Experiences

Alice Springs - Going remote - Endless opportunities - Dianne Thorp
Nursing placement to Vietnam - Elise Kerr
Black dogs, blue days and hazy greys: A personal portrait of depression - Stephanie Frazer
Campfire 08: My experience - Tahlia Heath
My own country practice - Meghan Heatrick
From the Australian political centre to the centre of Australia - Erica Collins
Placing pharmacists in the 'paddocks' - Elise Taylor
Rural clinical acopia - Ruth Hosking
Thursday Island - The cream on the cake for the rural enthusiast - Ian Condon

Indigenous Health

The difficulties faced within diversity - Chris Bentley
Rural Indigenous health - Hannah Bennett
Raising awareness of Aboriginal health - Maxine Garnsey
Access to healthcare: Addressing cultural barriers - Sarah McMullen-Roach


Providing incentives to attract health professionals to a rural or remote area - Adam Ward
GP Assist - Matt Cane
What is it going to take to get students out bush? - Shannon Nott
Factors affecting where pharmacists choose to practice - Cristen Fleming
Future predictions of the rural general practice and obstetric workforce - Annalyse Crane
What do different health professionals really do? - Teena Downton


The Humour Foundation  - Dr Peter Spitzer
Rural Health Club communication and promotion - Shannon Nott & Matt Cane

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