The National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) represents 29 Rural Health Clubs (RHC) with over 9000 members located at universities throughout Australia. The NRHSN is a multidisciplinary Network.

Face to Face NRHSN Council Meeting - Register Attendance

The below attendance proforma is for Rural Health Club members that have been invited to attend the NRHSN Council Face2Face meeting to be held on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th September 2012.

NRHSN will book all Face2Face attendees flights and accommodation. You are required to organise your own transfers, train or car travel and will be reimbursed for tickets or petrol by NRHSN according to Travel Policy. Please keep any receipts and submit with reimbursement form provided in invitation email.

If you are unable to attend both full days of the NRHSN Council Face2Face Meeting or flight times mentioned in the form below you must find an appropriate replacement from your club who can. 

Please make sure you read the NRHSN Travel Policy before submitting the form. Cancellations and loss of fares will result in you being responsible for reimbursing the NRHSN.

Please make sure you fill in all fields, otherwise flights may be booked on the wrong date or time or destination.


First Name (current name on ID)
Last Name (current name on ID)
Date of Birth
Mobile Number
Rural Health Club  
Rural Health Club/NRHSN position
Dietary requirements
For my travel to and from NRHSN Council Face 2 Face Meeting, I will:

catch train and submit receipts for ticket reimbursement
require a flight for my attendance as no train service available
drive and submit receipts for petrol reimbursement
I live in Melbourne and will not require any reimbursement

I have read and accepted the NRHSN Travel Policy Yes
I am available to travel to Face to Face Thursday 13th September - anytime after 5pm                   (this option is only available for Portfolio representatives and those who's flight time is more than 2 hours)
Friday 14th September - between 6am-9am
Where will you be travelling from (airport) to Melbourne?  
How far (approximate travel time) do you live from the airport that you will be travelling from?
I am available to travel back from Face to Face Saturday 15th September - after 6:30pm
Sunday 16th September - between 6am-12pm
Where will you be traveilling back to (airport) from Melbourne?  
Qantas Frequent Flyer number (if applicable)  
Virgin Australia Velocity number (if applicable)  
I will require accommodation for the nights of
(we are only able to offer a maximum of 2 nights accommodation, unless your flight time is more than 2 hours or  you are attending the Portfolio meeting on Friday morning)
Thursday 13th September
Friday 14th September
Saturday 15th September

You are required to attend F2F Dinner on Friday 14th September at La Porchetta, North Melbourne 7pm.

Please select what you would like for your main meal as we are required to pre order (all served with salad)

Also includes entree (pasta platters), main, jugs of soft drink and coffee

Any Questions?



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