The National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) represents 29 Rural Health Clubs (RHC) with over 9000 members located at universities throughout Australia. The NRHSN is a multidisciplinary Network.

NRHSN Executive

The NRHSN Executive consists of Co-Chairs, Secretary and the NRHSN Executive Officer (EO). Three of the four Executive positions change each year with the EO being a permanent member of the Executive. 

The Executive is elected by the NRHSN Council and is responsible for representing the NRHSN membership and NRHSN Council at key meetings (e.g. with politicians and stakeholder groups).  The Executive plays a key role in decision making for the Network whilst working closely with the NRHSN Council on all issues of importance and the broader NRHSN direction.

If you have any questions regarding the NRHSN, then the Executive members are the best people to speak to.  Please contact them by phone or email on the details below. 

2014 Executive members are:

Co-Chair Tara Naige    
Co-Chair Jerry Abraham    
Secretary Heidi Beames    
Executive Officer Kerryn Eccleston    
Executive Email   03 9860 4700 Email the Executive

2014 Executive (from left to right): Tara Naige, Jerry Abraham, Heidi Beames.



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