The National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) represents 29 Rural Health Clubs (RHC) with over 9000 members located at universities throughout Australia. The NRHSN is a multidisciplinary Network.

CoNS Reports

A requirement of attending a conference through CoNS funding is to provide a written report to the NRHSN after the event.  Reports should include the highlights of the conference, personally and professionally as well as a brief description of the benefit gained by attending.

Reports are generally written in an informative and personable format.  Below are some of the recent reports, so have a read.  They might even inspire you to apply for CoNS sponsorship for yourself!


2013 Conferences

CRANAplus 2013 Conference, Darwin NT, 25-28 September 2013

Natalie Kew

Sharlene McIntyre

Caitlin Ashwin

Ben Crough

Jillian Ferrell

Kate Kingston

Melissa Childs

LIME Connection V, Darwin NT, 26-28 August 2013
Sophie Alpen
Francesca Garnett
Yolanda Hanningan
Adrian Luscombe
Gina Smith
Laura Tagell

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service Summit, Adelaide SA, 20-22 August 2013
Ben Crough

14th International Mental Health Conference, Adelaide SA, 5-6 August 2013
Jesse Bourke
Amanda Boer
Jade Frost

National Speech Pathology Conference, Gold Coast QLD, 23-26 June 2013

Sarah Power

International Council of Nurses 25th Quadrienniel Congress, Melbourne, 18-23 May 2013

Andrew Horne

NRHA National Rural Health Conference, Adelaide SA, 7-10 April 2013

Sophie Alpen Francesca Garnett Rebecca Lanigan
Holly Bannon-Murphy Kylie Gates Michael Laws
Heidi Beames Kathryn Grocke Jo Li
Trent Calcutt Ashleigh Hogan Jennifer McInnes
Melissa Childs Ayla Hotich Carol Mudford
Alice Corbyn Alyssa Jemmeson Tara Naige
Ben Crough Natalie Kew Tom Nicholls
Lucy Dobson David Khoo Lauren O'Rourke
Jillian Ferrell Katherine King Brendan Stagg
Jessica Freeman Viktor Ko Hamish Watkins
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