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Rural placements guide

NRHSN rural placements guide

The NRHSN recognises the importance of well supported and positive rural placement experiences to attracting and supporting a future rural and remote health workforce. The Optimising Rural Placement Guidelines was developed to offer a student perspective to placement providers in an effort to provide a consistently high standard of placement.

University Department of Rural Health Placements Guide

The Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN) in consultation with its University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) have developed a guide to multidisciplinary university rural placements at UDRH’s across Australia. The UDRH Placements Guide provides information on what discipline placements are available, travel and accommodation and contact details for the individual UDRH’s for you to contact.

Rural Placements Guide

The NRHSN’s Rural Placements Guide has plenty of information and tips to help you prepare and organise your rural or remote placement including a checklist designed to help you remember to take things like a towel, text books and a camera! There is some information about cultural competency, keeping safe while on placement, managing disclosures and what to do if things don’t go as planned.

The NRHSN Rural Placements Guide was developed to aid health students in preparing and getting the most out of their rural or remote placements.