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The NRHSN Council consists of:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair Internal
  • Vice Chair External
  • Vice Chair Operations
  • Community and Advocacy Officer
  • Indigenous Health Officer
  • Medical Officer
  • Allied Health Officer
  • Nursing and Midwifery Officer
  • Publications Officer
  • Social Media Officer

The NRHSN Executive Officer (an employee of NSW Rural Doctors Network) also sits on the Executive Committee.

The role of the Executive Committee is to work together to lead and support the Council and Rural Health Clubs (RHCs) to achieve the NRHSN’s aims and priorities.

Executive Committee members are responsible for being the main contact for their allocated Rural Health Clubs and stakeholders to ensure a consistent point of contact.

Council members:

  • Attend all Face to Face meetings held annually;
  • Participate in teleconferences involving the Clubs in their region or relevant portfolio;
  • Ensure they discuss voting and election decisions with the Executive of their Club;
  • Vote on behalf of their Club with the Club’s decision which may not necessarily be their own personal opinion;
  • Ensure reports are submitted on behalf of their Club to NRHSN by due dates; and
  • Disburse relevant information from the NRHSN to their Club members or Working Group members and maintain strong communication between their Club or Working Group and the NRHSN.