Rural Student Orientation

Three extra days of optional orientation were organised by UTas and the Rural Clinical School for rural students beginning the MBBS degree, from the 10th-12th of February. A group of approximately 10 rural students from all over Australia (predominately Tasmania) attended.

There were a variety of sessions, including general information about university services and requirements, help organising and completing necessary forms and documentation for commencement of the degree, information about the local community and activities, first aid training and a presentation by HR (our local Rural Workforce Recruiting Agency). It was a really great opportunity for the students to get to know each other in a smaller setting before meeting the rest of the class at general orientation the following week, and feedback suggested students found it useful.

Rustica representatives were present for parts of each day, which gave students the opportunity to ask questions about university life and the role of Rustica as a rural health club. Overall it was a great networking event for the club members and commencing rural students.