Rustica 3rd Year Skills 2016

In Februrary Rustica hosted its annual 3rd Year Skills event. The aim of this day is to provide the students with some extra practise in skills they will be using once they begin spending time in the hospital later in the year.

It was highly successful with 45 3rd years attending and practicing skills such as venepuncture, cannulation, suturing and vital signs.

They were tutored by the 4th and 5th medical students from Hobart, an arrangement that builds peer support within the university and engages the older students. This year we were lucky enough to have a surgeon present to help with suturing, who was an invaluable asset to the day

3rd Year students benefited from being introduced to assessment forms that the older years use to give them a checklist of the medical supplies they needed and how to perform the procedure. Overall the day was a great success and was an excellent way to promote the club and assist students in their learning.

Rustica will eagerly hold its 3rd Year Skills again next year.