Rustica and HR Plus Workshop

On the 4/7/16 Rustica and Health Recruitment Plus ran their first workshop at the Launceston Clinical School. The workshop ran for an hour and was about ‘what it is really like to work in a rural area’.

One of the guest speakers was Dr Ross Lamplugh, who has worked in rural areas such as Burke in NSW and Palm Island off Northern Queensland. The other speaker was Dr Emily Goss, a local RMO who has spent time in Broken Hill on her John Flynn Placement and fallen in love with rural medicine. Both speakers talked of their time working in rural areas and the benefits and challenges they faced while there.

Afterwards there was time for participants to ask questions. The entire workshop was live streamed so it could be viewed by other students not in Launceston. The workshop was a huge success with excellent questions asked by the participants and good feedback obtained at the end. Rustica is looking forward to conducting more workshops later in the year in union with Health Recruitment Plus.