Rustica Careers Day Out Shepparton 2016

Rustica sent a contigent of 7 students to Shepparton on the 28th of April to participate in the Careers Day Out festival, an event where various organisations set up booths to promote a wide array of jobs and trades to Year 10 students around the region.

Teaming up with other Rural Health Clubs in Victoria, we had set up a small health exhibition where we engaged and interacted with students through quizzes, and activities like plastering and proper hand hygiene technique. Linking up with the other clubs proved handy as this expanded our scope of healthcare professions to include occupational therapy, dentistry, physiotherapy and even speech pathology.

The participation from the Year 10 students exceeded our expectations, with many young curious minds coming over and actively asking us lots of questions about our specific area of study. In particular, a group of boys displayed rational and logical deduction as they worked their way through our quizzes, leaving no doubt that they would make great health professional in the future.

Outside of our little health stop, there were stalls by the Defence Force, several Victorian Universities and Institutes, agricultural businesses and even the local radio station came down and let the students trial running their own radio show. One of the highlights had to be the Barista Competition, where baristas from the local cafes contested to see who could make the best coffee in all of Shepparton. It was a thoroughly eventful day, and it’s fair to say that our Rustica volunteers were delighted in contributing towards guiding and sparking interest in students in their future career paths.