2017 Scholarship Report – Anne Nitneth

My Rural Placement at the Northwest Regional Hospital

I was fortunate to have a placement in the Critical Care Department at the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie between the 16th of January and 10th of February 2017. Being a small ward, I was able to partake in and observe myriad of things including ventilators and other technologies as well as minor surgeries. I found it a very exciting ward as I was constantly being introduced to new equipment, conditions and diseases. However, it was often the smallest tasks that had the most impact upon me and my learning experiences. These included holding a patient’s hand when in distress or being able to provide a hair wash in bed! This placement made me feel at ease with my career choice.

Liaising directly with other health professionals contributed an increased understanding of specific roles and through collaboration can nut out the complexities of patient care. All the staff were helpful, knowledgeable and lovely people. I recommend this placement to all nursing students.

Anne Nitneth