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CROHC 2022

Congratulations to all medical students on completing 2022! 

This year has been an interesting one for all people around Australia and the world but CROHC has tried their hardest to make the most out of these continuous unprecedented times. Therefore just though we would share a quick recap on what we have gotten up this year. 

Throughout this whole year, CROHC has done visits to rural and remote high schools meeting a new club record of 25 schools! Rural high school visits are very rewarding to our club and allows us to reconnect. We visited as far south as Albany! 

CROHC held many events this year including the rural careers night where students could engage with rural doctors all around WA, from surgeons to administration at ACRRM, there was many stories told and networking done. Next up was a very successful OB/GYN night organised by the committee of CROHC and Curtin’s global health group IHOC. This was the first event of its kind and definitely won’t be the last. We were fortunate enough to see a birth simulation as well as how to do a cervical screening from an OB herself. 

CROHC did a bit of travelling this year too, not only to the high schools but to Kalgoorlie for the Curtin Kalgoorlie Open Day. This was part of the Curtin Rural Working Group and providing feedback to the medical school. We also had a select number of students attend Rural Health Conference Scholarships like the Rural Health Summit this year.

During NAIDOC week, CROHC held an Indigenous Engagement Bush-tucker Lunch where students has the opportunity to contribute to a canvas that may be used to future merchandise for CROHC. The integration of Indigenous culture through this project was outstanding and something unique to our club that will most likely become a tradition. 

If you would like to see our year in review with more detail, please check out our guidebook, made by our new president Cassidy Emmott, attached on our home pageWe would now like to take the time to thank our generous sponsors throughout this year: Rural Health West, Rural Clinical School, RACGP, ACRRM and RANZCP. We thank all our members for another enjoyable year and looking forward to a brighter and bigger 2023!

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