Event Review: Sorry Day 2015

Peering at our lively stall with inquisitive eyes and more so curious minds, the students that attended Sorry Day 2015 were abound with energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. A couple of coffees later for SPINRPHEX staff and we may have mimicked their vigor! The event was packed with stalls of various shapes and sized, and activities from learning to play the didgeridoo, to Indigenous painting and of course us (the most exciting).


The event saw roughly 1000 Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students attend from far and wide, a number that astounded and robbed the SPIN team of all lollies and prizes within the blink of an eye. Our stall had old trusty Gus, which enticed many students to identify and describe various organs to win a prize. Our first contender named every organ and its function and reflected the standard that was to come. We had the plastering section swamped with students, and one of the SPIN team at days end would have been unrecognizable if put next to King Tut.


The students who attended the event were able to receive information from the SPIN team regarding health degrees and many went home with the idea of being a doctor, a nurse or a dentist. It is evident that many students had little idea of what being a health professional/student is like, thus events like this nurture and inspire their aspirations. It is vital for an important club like SPINRPHEX to provide resources, information and guidance to those who may not have access to it.


The day proceeded without incident and the teamwork and communication evident in those who participated was without measure. We had 5 SPINRPHEX committee at the event, but we will definitely need more next year! I strongly encourage other SPINRPHEX members to come and join in on all the action next year, where you will not only be guiding and assisting the students but have a load of fun doing it!


Sitt Rees

SPINRPHEX Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Rep

Nursing, Murdoch