Rustica 2016 Scholarship Report – Sharee Thomas

St Helen’s District Hospital includes 10 acute/palliative care beds and 4 Outpatient/Emergency Department beds. This was a fantastic opportunity as some of the patients on the ward were present during the entire 4 week placement offering a great learning experience as I was able build rapport with patients and learn much about their medical history and associated medications. Woking within a rural setting also provided insight into the social and mental health factors for these patients.

The ED provided a very different element and it was essential that the ward wasworking well and organised as you never knew what situation was going to present in the ED. The ED improved my physical assessment skills as well as taking comprehensive medical histories. Being exposed to an emergency situation, I was also more aware of how I would cope with stressful medical situations, whilst comforting distressed family members.

This placement allowed many opportunities to conduct venipuncture, physical assessments, assist with management of chest pain in the emergency department, wound care, insight to community nursing, medication management, build rapport within a smaller community (staff and patients) and attend virtual information sessions on such topics as care for patients who have varying degrees of burns.

Thank you Rustica for your support.