Upcoming free event: Remote Nursing & Midwifery Expo


What does it cost and how do I register?

The Remote Nursing & Midwifery Expo is free to attend. Register for the Expo at the link below.

The Expo precedes CRANAplus’ 2024 Remote Nursing & Midwifery Conference on 23-25 October, which commences with a Welcome Drinks from 6 pm to 8 pm on 23 October.

CRANAplus Undergraduate Student Members can access discounted registration – early bird $400, full price $500. Currently, full-time undergraduate students studying a health discipline at an Australian university can join CRANAplus Membership for free, visit crana.org.au/membership to join.

CRANAplus Undergraduate Student Members can also apply for an Undergraduate Student Volunteer Conference Scholarship to access an additional 40% off their registration. Applications are open until 6 September 2024, click here to learn more or apply.

“I was so fortunate as a nursing student to receive financial assistance to attend a CRANAplus conference in Darwin

At the conference, I was inspired by the stories and presentations from RANs and those in the remote health sector. I remember seeing how passionate people were about their work, despite the challenges evident in their stories and feeling that one day I too wanted to be a RAN. It was some 20 years ago but that opportunity showed me the paths I could follow if I wanted to pursue nursing in remote Australia.”

Katie Pennington, Remote Area Nurse and recipient of the 2023 Aurora Award for the Remote and Isolated Health Professional of the Year.

Who can attend?

The expo can be attended by anyone, including current health professionals, adults interested in changing careers, university students, or school students. It is necessary to register for the event in advance.

We hope to see you there!


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