2024 NRHSN Council 1 – Student Experience


2024 Council 1 – Student Experience

Aya Hamade – RHUWS

During a February weekend, the National Rural Health Student Network hosted a Council 1 meeting that involved all Rural Health Club leaders of Australian Universities. I had the privilege of attending as the Co-President for the Rural Health Union of Western Sydney (RHUWS). The weekend was packed with workshops, educational lectures and problem-solving group discussions lead by different speakers and the NRSHN elected executives. A representative from the Australasian College of Paramedicine, John Bruning, gave a talk giving insight into what Paramedic students do as well as outlining their Rural involvement.

Lucy Brodgen spoke about evidence-based approaches to problem solving and broke it down to a Rural Health Club level as well as the mental health aspects that are associated with Health Care professionals and leaders.

Aya Hamade, RHUWS Co-President and student Paramedic
The NRHSN Co-Chairs introducing the 2024 team.

Our First Nations workshop involved Nicole Turner speaking about Indigenous history, plights faced in the Indigenous Australian communities that are particularly displayed in Hospitals as well as what we as Rural Health Club Leaders and future health care professionals can do to better improve experiences that our Indigenous patients might face in healthcare. The NRHSN elected executives led workshops and problem-solving discussions that targeted what each Rural Health Club is struggling with and equipped us with skills and solutions to target any issues that may come up during our time as leaders.

With the Council 1 weekend coming to a close, l feel privileged to have been surrounded in a meeting hall full of like-minded people in health degrees stretching from Medicine, Nursing, Paramedicine and Pharmacy all with the same heartfelt cause of rural health. Bring on Council 2! 

Ayah Hamadé, WSU Paramedicine Student, RHUWS Co-President 2024. 

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